A new standard offering from Crenshaw Lighting.

Utility = Decorative

Development of the Fallwater stemmed from the renovation of our new office space. While recessed utility can lights are readily available, the appearance leaves much to be desired. Instead of focusing on traditional utility lighting and moving on, we wanted to take this unique opportunity to create something of our own. We focused on maximizing performance while keeping a minimalist form that also complemented the space. The result was a form factor and silhouette that met all of our demands while keeping a contemporary aesthetic.

5737-NOU Line Drawings
Fallwater In Development

Why Fallwater?

Our environment inspires us. When it came time for the naming of the Fallwater, we were motivated by the “water drop” design but also wanted to somehow incorporate and pay tribute to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountain landscape we call home. So we looked northeast of our shop, up the Blue Ridge Parkway, and found the beautiful Fallingwater Cascades.  The great pride we have in our product is equal to the pride we have for our home. The Fallwater represents that belief as well as our constant strive to surpass industry standards.