Crenshaw Standard LED Systems

We are really excited about our LED pendant systems. We weren’t willing to settle for equal to or less than compact fluorescent and incandescent performance from LED. At 17,000 lumens, our 2ft high pendant LED assembly is a full 30% brighter than the standard compact fluorescent option for a similar size fixture, and more than 200% brighter than traditional incandescent. Similar comparisons can be found with our 3ft high LED pendant assembly.

While we have standardized these LED systems for our catalog, they can be used for any custom lighting fixture of the right size and construction.

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The other feature we weren’t willing to compromise was aesthetics. We aimed for and achieved even illumination of the lenses. These fixtures are simply spectacular. 0-10V dimming is standard, with phase control options (forward phase/triac or trailing edge/ELV) for some systems. Our fixtures are backed by a 5 year electrical warranty, which includes all LED components and drivers.

With all of our standard LED systems, we specify only the highest quality components by manufacturers with a proven track record in the industry (Philips, Bridgelux, EldoLED, Xicato, Thomas Research, Fulham). Our in-house CSA testing laboratory certifies that each fixture conforms to all UL 1598 standards, complies with all component manufacturer warranty requirements, and is CSA labeled.

We think that this combination offers one of the best overall values in the decorative lighting industry for solid state LED. We think you will too!

Crenshaw LED Ceiling Systems