• Custom crystal chandelier by Crenshaw for British Airways Galleries Club Lounge, Phliadelphia PA

    British Airways Galleries Club Lounge - Phliadelphia National Airport (PHL)

British Airways Galleries Club Lounge, Philadelphia, PA

Architect: Agoos/Lovera Architects

Lighting Design: The Lighting Practice

Concept Design: Davies & Baron

International Interior Design Association (IIDA), Lighting Award, 2008

The crystal-lined wing fixture is an understated nod to the British Airways brand.

British Airways chose an airplane wing motif as the basis for the crystal chandelier Crenshaw provided for their first class lounge at Philadelphia National Airport (PHL). This intriguing piece creates a sense of airy luminosity with a sparkling cloud of crystal suspended beneath the aluminum wing-shaped frame. The chandelier’s diffused light brings a bright and inviting focus to the lounge’s complimentary bar.