• Delta Sky Club Lounges, custom power post by Crenshaw Lighting

    Delta Sky Club Lounges, USA - Custom power posts

Delta Sky Club Lounges, USA

In collaboration with ASD design architects, Crenshaw developed a combined charging and lighting pedestal for Delta’s Sky Club Lounges nationwide.

In 2011, Delta Airlines approached Crenshaw to develop a pedestal unit for their Sky Club lounges that would deliver both lighting and power to their Sky Club visitors. The pedestal, now referred to as the Delta Power Post, would be set between the lounge seating and provide power outlets for both line voltage and USB charging for portable devices.

Crenshaw worked closely with the design architect ASD out of Atlanta, Georgia, to engineer the prototype design.

The hybrid nature of the Delta Power Post made acquiring a UL listing for the product challenging as it didn’t strictly meet either the luminaire or the appliances category at Underwriters Laboratories. This certification and labeling authority took many months of engineering and fine-tuning.The result is a pedestal luminaire in a style that matches the contemporary decor of the Sky Club lounges and provides four total standard three-prong outlets, four total USB power outlets, and a UL-listed long-life LED light source.

Installation in Delta’s Sky Club lounges throughout the country began in 2012.