• Ford Chapel, Allegheny College, custom lighting by Crenshaw

    Ford Chapel, Allegheny College - Meadville, PA

Ford Chapel, Allegheny College, Meadville, PA

Architect: Jonathan Miller Design

The chandeliers in this century-old chapel imitate the original fixtures’ unique turn-of-the-century style known as gas electric chandeliers.

The original fixtures in Ford Chapel were created during the brief period at the turn of the 20th century when lighting technology was making the transition from gas to incandescent. These chandeliers combined gas flame jet uplights with incandescent downlight globes in a style known as a gas electric chandelier. Gas was a proven, trusted technology, while electricity was still new and unreliable. So gas was employed for its reliability in many applications such as this.

The custom chandeliers Crenshaw created for the chapel were 90 percent replicas of the original fixtures, which had been lost in the century since the chapel was built. The historic gas feature was not retained but was represented with open-candle-style decorative incandescent lamps. The fixtures are constructed of solid brass with spun, machined, and fabricated details, white opal glass globe lenses, and a hand-applied antique brass patina finish.