Most Commonly Asked

Why aren’t there prices listed for every product?

Because we are a made-to-order manufacturer specializing in custom lighting, the range of options available for most lighting is wide and diverse. In order to ensure the best and most accurate pricing, we often handle pricing on a project by project basis. However, some catalog and standard product offerings published on our website will include starting price points. We will always work closely with clients to clarify and refine specifications. Pricing is also provided through regional sales representation. Please don’t hesitate to email or call us (540.745.3900) with any questions or clarifications.

What kind of LED does Crenshaw offer?

All Crenshaw LED specifications (lamping codes LA, LA/U, LD, LD/U) are integrated board and driver systems. Read more in our LED Lamping Guide. Fixtures which use screwbase, bi-pin, or twistlock LED replacement lamp sources are classified as incandescent fixtures (lamping codes NA, ND, ND/U, NA/U). In these cases, the incandescent legacy specs are indicated as reference for selecting the appropriate LED replacement lamp.

What is 0-10V dimming?

0-10V dimming is the most widely used dimming protocol for integrated board and driver LED systems. Other sophisticated controls systems, such as DALI, are available and sometimes used, however 0-10V dimming has become the industry standard for LED. Unlike incandescent or Crenshaw’s standard compact fluorescent dimming configurations, 0-10V controls require two additional wires beyond the standard hot, neutral and ground wires used throughout traditional electrical wiring. Existing construction rarely has the extra wiring, and this factor can become a serious obstacle for churches and commercial spaces looking to upgrade their lighting to state-of-the-art solid state LED. Phase Control has been successfully developed as a 2-wire dimming solution for some of Crenshaw’s standard LED systems.

Can I order samples?

Crenshaw provides finish and lens samples free of charge. Further, it is our preference that customers review physical samples prior to production in order to ensure complete satisfaction with our products. See our Materials Guide for for assistance with finish and lens selection. Custom finishes and lenses may be requested, and should be quoted to ensure accurate pricing. Please call for assistance 540.745.3900.

Can suspension stems and chains be adjusted in the field?

While chain and some cable suspension can be adjusted in the field, Crenshaw recommends specifying the desired lengths so that these can be set in the factory. The risk of finish damage is reduced by allowing Crenshaw to size and configure the suspension. Standard suspension stem is not field adjustable, as field modifying stem lengths requires special tools, usually results in finish damage, and will void Crenshaw’s warranty. Custom field-adjustable stem solutions are available upon request.


How long will my order take to ship?

Standard freight delivery times range from 1-5 business days in the 48 states. Most areas in the Southeast corridor are in a 1 day ship zone. New England, the Midwest, and Florida are usually 2 days. The Mountain time zone is 3-4 days, and West Coast 4-5 days. Special delivery conditions such as “Call before delivery” notifications will add to freight delivery times.

Can I have my mounting hardware, canopy, and suspension shipped ahead of my fixture?

UL’s rules in this regard are very specific. Crenshaw is permitted to label a complete fixture which is provided either fully assembled, or partially assembled but complete, with clear assembly and installation instructions. As a result, mounting hardware, canopies, suspension stems, and other fixture components cannot be shipped separately from the main fixture. In unique situations, Crenshaw can provide sample mock-up hardware or detailed instructions to help the ground crew prepare for installation in advance of fixture shipment.

What do I do in the event of freight damage?

Although Crenshaw goes to great lengths to ensure that shipments are properly packaged and protected, damage does occasionally occur. Most freight carriers require damage for which a claim is to be filed to be noted on the bill of lading and acknowledged by the delivery driver’s signature. Photo documentation with the driver present is also helpful in establishing a claim. Please be sure to note all signs of damage prior to signing for your shipment, and prepare photo and written documentation in preparation for filing your claim. Although freight liability is born by the consignee for all but those shipments delivered by Crenshaw in our own vehicle, Crenshaw will handle freight claims on behalf of the client upon request. Please notify us as soon as you are aware of the damage. Photographs, scanned copies of the bill of lading noting damage, and written documentation should be provided to Crenshaw within 24 hours to ensure proper processing of your claim.

Pricing & Ordering

Does Crenshaw sell direct?

Crenshaw does sell direct. Additionally, we are happy to offer custom design assistance when needed to help create plans, specifications, and engineered drawings for a workable lighting fixture, ready for production, and able to be listed with CSA.
Contact us about your project.

What is the standard lead time?

This varies according to the nature of the project. Quoted lead times may adjust somewhat by the time an order is released to production, however Crenshaw makes every effort to meet or exceed quoted lead times. Typical lead times are: 8-10 weeks for standard catalog, 10-12 weeks for large standard product orders and many custom projects, 12-14 weeks where a CSA listing is required or custom tooling is involved, and 14-20 weeks for large complex custom projects involving elaborate tooling and intricate finish detail work.

What kind of warranty does Crenshaw offer?

Crenshaw offers a standard one year full warranty, with a five year electrical warranty. Some exclusions and exceptions apply. Read more.

Are lamps included?

Lamps are not included unless specifically requested. This allows customers to choose from among the wide variety of lamps available and appropriate for a given fixture, and to seek cost savings. The exception is LED modules and boards, which are included, and ship fully installed.

Can I see a sample fixture prior to ordering?

Sample fixtures are not provided standard. However, sample fixtures for review and approval prior to main production may be specified as part of an order. Please be sure to specify when requesting a quote, and when placing an order.

Can I visit the production facility to see my fixtures being built?

Crenshaw welcomes visitors Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. Please call in advance to ensure no unusual schedule changes will conflict with your plans. A visit to review a specific project should be coordinated with your project manager, and handled early in the design phase if review and approval of design and finish quality are expected prior to release of the main production run. As this adds a layer to the streamlined production process, added costs may apply. It will be equally important to coordinate the timing of the review and main production run with project schedules to ensure no delays to construction deadlines.


What does Handmade in the USA mean?

Crenshaw manufactures lighting products in our Floyd, VA production facility. This means that fixtures are built from raw materials: brass, steel, and aluminum sheet, rod, and pipe, as well as spun, machined, cast, and jet cut metal components by our craftsman from scratch. Although off-the-shelf components such as fasteners and couplings, loops and hooks, finials and stem breaks are often used, most key elements of our fixtures are custom made. Components are sourced from domestic suppliers, emphasizing regional and local sources wherever possible. In instances where no equal exists domestically, Crenshaw will source high-quality components from overseas suppliers, such as Portuguese alabaster, Irish cut crystal, and Italian ornate cast brass. Unlike many American lighting manufacturers, primary manufacturing is not outsourced to Chinese or Taiwanese manufacturers and routed through domestic supply chains. In those rare instances where budgets necessitate and large quantities make sensible, Crenshaw will offer the option for outsourcing to specifiers in full disclosure. When this is the case, final assembly, wiring, and finish work is still completed by Crenshaw, subject to our strenuous quality control standards, lab certification, and backed by our full warranty.


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