C hoosing the right lamping from among the vast array of options available can present both challenges and opportunities. With lighting technology in rapid flux, the user has many factors to weigh in selecting lamping: up-front cost, energy costs over time, aesthetics, performance, maintenance, reliability, availability, and other important factors, including personal preference. Crenshaw has spent years developing an understanding for what works, what looks good, and what is needed to engineer unique solutions for custom lighting. As a result we have developed a stable of favorites that we use regularly. At the same time, we have worked with and listed fixtures using nearly every kind of lamping technology on the market. Regardless of the technology, our benchmarks remain the same: reliability, beauty, value, availability, and functionality. Read more about the most widely used categories below:


Best-in-class board and driver systems

LED Lamping


Crenshaw LED lamping codes: LA, LD, LA/U, LD/U

Enormously popular, and rapidly outpacing other lamping options, most board and driver LED lamping assemblies offer a range of features: impressive lamp life, high efficiency, excellent color rendering, a range of color temperatures, sophisticated controls, and more. Currently more than half of all fixtures in production at Crenshaw employ integrated LED lamping.  More…


Professional 4-pin and 2-pin ballast powered



Crenshaw fluorescent lamping codes: FA, FD, FA/U, FD/U

Fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamping have been the standard for commercial lighting for decades. Safe, efficient, extremely reliable, affordable, and offering a variety of aesthetically pleasing options, these lamps remain an excellent choice for many applications. More…


Traditional screwbase for LED & CFL replacement lamping



Crenshaw incandescent lamping codes: NA, ND, NA/U, ND/U

Many traditional incandescent lamps have been phased out by legislation worldwide and in the U.S. However, these lamps remain the reference standard for LED and compact fluorescent replacement lamping. Ease of use and maintenance, relative cost savings, the ability to retain existing lighting, and certain traditional aesthetic design features are some of the reasons customers choose LED and CFL replacement lamping or continue to use those incandescent and halogen lamps still in manufacture. More…