Crenshaw offers a standard one year full warranty.

Crenshaw offers a full one year warranty from the date that deliverables are accepted by our customer pursuant to our Standard Terms and Conditions, the deliverables shall be free of defects in manufacturing and materially conform to the specifications. This warranty does not apply if the Deliverables (a) have been subjected to abuse, misuse, neglect, negligence, accident, improper testing, improper storage, improper handling, abnormal physical stress, abnormal environmental conditions or use contrary to any instruction issued by Crenshaw; (b) have been reconstructed, repaired or altered by Persons other than Crenshaw or its authorized representatives; or (c) have been used with any third-party products, hardware or product that has not been previously approved in writing by Crenshaw and subject to the following exceptions:

A five (5) year warranty covers all electrical assemblies, including LED components and drivers, sockets, and wiring, with the exception of compact fluorescent and HID ballasts, which shall bear the manufacturer’s warranties.¬†Shipping and labor excluded in most cases.