Belmont University Performing Arts Center

Production of several fixture types is well underway for the Belmont University project. This project includes the fabrication of custom multi- and single-tiered brass ring chandeliers as well as custom sconces for their new performing arts center. The largest of the chandeliers, which were installed earlier this month, are over 30 feet tall and approximately 2,000 pounds!

(See pictures below)

Line drawing of the three-tiered custom chandelier fixture type recently installed at the Belmont University Performing Arts Center.

We worked closely with Randy Burkett Lighting Design, Inc. as well as ESa Architects on the intricate design and detailing of these beautiful fixtures. Each tier features jet cut filigrees with a polished brass finish over the custom patinaed rings.

Our designers also drew a model of the rosette and rose finials (pictured below) that were used to create 3D-printed molds. Because of the fine detail of the printed molds, the foundry was able to achieve great detail in the lost wax castings. Once we received the castings from the foundry, our craftsmen went to work on applying the specified satin and polished finishes.

When it came time to patina the rings, we had to get a little creative. Because of the size of the rings, we had to create temporary baths as well as a jig that would allow us to spin them while in the bath. (See images below.)

More news and photos to come!