Summer 2018 Shop Update

Wyoming State Capitol Building – Replication and Restoration

Wyoming State Capitol
Wyoming State Capitol Fixture

With over 700 fixtures being either restored or re-created, the Wyoming State Capitol Building project is in full swing at the Crenshaw shops. We were awarded this exceptional project and challenged to not only replicate some of the fixtures but to also restore and retrofit the existing historic fixtures with integral chip-on-board LED modules, increasing efficiency and performance while keeping the aesthetics historically accurate.

As part of this comprehensive project, our glass shop is replicating hundreds of ornate lenses for a number of the historic light fixtures found throughout the public spaces and corridors in the Capitol, including the Senate and House Chambers.

(Below- Racks of ornate cast brass components ready to be restored and cleaned)

(Below – Examples of cleaned cast brass components and assembled fixture retrofitted with integral LED modules awaiting review by specification team)