Virginia Theological Seminary Ring Chandelier

32ft LED Chandelier Mock-up Review

Robert A. M. Stern and Fisher Marantz Stone teamed up to design beautiful, state-of-the-art contemporary classical architecture and lighting for the Virginia Theological Seminary. Crenshaw was selected to provide a very large two-tier contemporary Gothic ring chandelier for the seminary’s Immanuel Chapel in 2013. At 32 ft in diameter some estimate that this will be the largest single light fixture […]

Virginia Theological Seminary Mockup Review

Virginia Theological Seminary Mock-up Review

In April, 2014, representatives from Robert A. M. Stern Architects, Virginia Theological Seminary, Whiting-Turning Construction Co., and Advance Project Management, convened at Crenshaw to review the decorative lighting Crenshaw was to build for the newly remodeled and restored Virginia Theological Seminary. The smaller types included a family of solid brass pendants, sconces, and ceiling fixtures […]