MN State Capitol Building Exterior

Installed Fixtures at MN State Capitol Building

We were in Minneapolis/Saint Paul recently and had a chance to see some of our work installed in the beautifully renovated¬†Minnesota State Capitol. Once fixtures leave our shop floor, we don’t often get to see the finished product installed in person. So when we have to the opportunity to visit a space with our work present, we jump on it!

Wyoming State Capitol Fixture

Summer 2018 Shop Update

With over 700 fixtures being either restored or re-created, the Wyoming State Capitol Building project is in full swing at the Crenshaw shops. We were awarded this exceptional project and challenged to not only replicate some of the fixtures but to also restore and retrofit them for LED lights, increasing efficiency and performance while keeping the aesthetics historically accurate.

Historic replication of brass chandelier in mock up for a church renovation in Pennsylvania.

Fall 2015 In the Shop

Summer 2015 projects in the shop include custom lighting for Provo City Center LDS Temple, Provo, UT, custom lighting for Student Success Center, Christopher Newport University, Newport News, VA, custom and catalog lighting for Church of the Incarnation, Dallas, TX, historic restoration for Minnesota State Capitol Restoration, St. Paul, MN, historic replication for St. David’s Episcopal Church, Wayne, PA.

May 2015 In the Shop

May 2015 projects in the shop include solid bronze and brass custom lighting for Provo City Center LDS Temple, Provo, UT, Whitechapel LED pendant for Iglesia Pentecostal Church, Houston, TX, catalog lighting for Crowfield, Bluffton, SC, restoration & custom lighting for University of Michigan West Quad Restoration, Ann Arbor, MI, and custom lighting for S bar F Ranch, Knob Lick, MO.

Crenshaw Standard LED

Crenshaw Standard LED Systems

We are really excited about our LED pendant systems. We weren’t willing to settle for equal to or less than compact fluorescent and incandescent performance from LED. At 17,000 lumens, our 2ft high pendant LED assembly is a full 30% brighter than the standard compact fluorescent option for a similar size fixture, and more than 200% brighter than traditional incandescent. Similar comparisons can be […]

Virginia Theological Seminary Ring Chandelier

32ft LED Chandelier Mock-up Review

Robert A. M. Stern and Fisher Marantz Stone teamed up to design beautiful, state-of-the-art contemporary classical architecture and lighting for the Virginia Theological Seminary. Crenshaw was selected to provide a very large two-tier contemporary Gothic ring chandelier for the seminary’s Immanuel Chapel in 2013. At 32 ft in diameter some estimate that this will be the largest single light fixture [‚Ķ]