We aspire to the best customer service in the lighting industry. And we love what we do! Call us with any question. We are here to help.


Matt Szymanski
National Sales Manager
Janice Ketchum
Senior Account Manager
540.745.3900 x223
Jason Selznick
Senior Account Manager
540.745.3900 x 227
Heather Trout
Territory + Project Manager
540.745.3900 x 203
Kaya Love
Territory + Project Manager
540.745.3900 x224


Ben Kirkland
Design Lead
540.745.3900 x 229
Matt Morley
Design + Development
540.745.3900 x 206
Justin Burr
Design Engineer
540.745.3900 x 210
Kevin Page
Design Engineer
540.745.3900 x214
Jake Coleman
Design Engineer
540.745.3900 x202
Bryan Wood
Design Engineer
540.745.3900 x230
Jimmy Smitheman
540.745.3900 x221


Woody Crenshaw
Patrick Daley
Chief Executive Officer
Stephanie Daley
Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer