Who is Crenshaw Lighting?

Crenshaw Lighting was founded in 1957 in Raleigh, NC, by William Crenshaw. For decades, Crenshaw focused on education, theater, and ecclesiastical lighting. In 1982, William's son Woody relocated the business to its current home of Floyd, VA, a small mountain town on a high plateau in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Woody continued the focus of education and ecclesiastical lighting. Because of its reputation for quality, Crenshaw began doing work with prominent architects and lighting designers from around the world.

In 2013, Woody transitioned the business to Patrick Daley. Woody and Patrick shared a vision: preserve the craft. This means that Crenshaw takes pride, as part of its mission, in continuing to educate future generations in methods of fabrication both old and new. 

Over the years, Crenshaw has grown a resume that is unparalleled, having worked with famed architects and on famed projects. Crenshaw products can be seen in various state and federal government buildings, prestigious universities, sacred religious buildings, and the private residences of clients who appreciate a thing well made. Summarily, Crenshaw's clients have two things in common: they prioritize quality over price, and expect a product that will stand the test of time.

Crenshaw has the ability to design, engineer, perform NRTL testing, and fabricate without leaving its approximately 50,000-square-foot facility in Floyd, VA. This independence gives better control of both the quality and timeline of the hundreds of custom lights Crenshaw fabricates each year.

The expertise accumulated over nearly 70 years as a prominent custom and historical lighting manufacturer has motivated Crenshaw to bring its knowledge and skills to the consumer market.

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