Commonly Asked Questions

Can I order finish and diffuser samples?

Standard diffuser and finish samples are provided at no cost. It is our preference that clients review physical samples prior to production in order to ensure complete satisfaction with the final finish and lens selections. Please contact our client liaison team for assistance at 540.745.3900.

Can suspension be adjusted in the field?

While chain and some cable suspension can be adjusted in the field, Crenshaw recommends specifying the desired lengths using the OAH fill-in field so that length can be set in the factory. Allowing Crenshaw to size and configure the suspension reduces the risk of finish damage. Standard suspension stem is not field adjustable, as field modifying stem lengths requires special tools, usually results in finish damage, and will void Crenshaw’s warranty. Custom field-adjustable stem solutions are available upon request.

What is 0-10V dimming?

In our experience, 0-10V dimming is the most widely used dimming protocol for integrated board and driver LED systems, though other sophisticated control systems, such as DALI, are available and occasionally used. Unlike dimming controls for incandescent lamping configurations, 0-10V controls require two additional wires beyond the standard hot, neutral, and ground wires used throughout traditional electrical wiring. Sometimes, existing buildings may not have the extra wiring for 0-10V dimming, which can become a serious obstacle for clients looking to upgrade their lighting to integrated LED. In cases where the wiring required for 0-10V dimming is not already in place or being added, Crenshaw has had success using a 2-wire phase control dimming solution for some of our standard LED systems.


How much does shipping cost?

Contiguous 48 Shipping: The cost of shipping to the address provided with your order will be calculated at checkout, provided the address is within the contiguous 48 US states. The method and manner of shipment is TBD at the sole discretion of Crenshaw Lighting, LLC. Clients will be responsible for bringing the shipment into their home. For multi-unit buildings, items will be delivered to the building concierge.
For an additional fee, Crenshaw may provide white-glove delivery service in the contiguous 48 US states, which would include unpacking the luminaire, bringing it into your home, and removing packaging materials. Please contact Crenshaw Lighting for more details.

AK, HI, US Territories, PO/APO/FPO Shipping: Shipping of website orders is not available to AK, HI, US territories, or PO/APO/FPO boxes. Please contact us if you'd like to make arrangements.

International Shipping: Given the many complexities of international shipping, we find it easiest if you contact us prior to placing your order to discuss your specific circumstances.

Can I have my mounting hardware, canopy, and suspension shipped ahead of my fixture?

UL’s rules in this regard are very specific. Crenshaw is permitted to label a complete fixture that is provided either fully assembled or partially assembled but complete, with clear assembly and installation instructions. As a result, mounting hardware, canopies, suspension stems, and other fixture components cannot be shipped separately from the main fixture. In unique situations, Crenshaw can work with our clients to help the ground crew prepare for installation in advance of fixture shipment.

What do I do in the event of freight damage?

Although Crenshaw goes to great lengths to ensure that shipments are properly packaged and protected, damage does occasionally occur. Most freight carriers require damage for which a claim is to be filed to be noted on the bill of lading and acknowledged by the delivery driver’s signature. Photo documentation with the driver present is also helpful in establishing a claim. Please be sure to note all signs of damage prior to signing for your shipment, and prepare photo and written documentation in preparation for filing your claim. Freight liability is borne by the consignee for all but those shipments delivered directly by Crenshaw.

Pricing & Ordering

What is the standard lead time for online orders?

Typical lead times are 20 weeks for most online orders and for many custom projects. This varies according to the size, quantity, and construction material of the fixtures on your order, and on the shop schedule at the time an online order is placed.

What kind of warranty does Crenshaw offer?

Crenshaw offers a limited lifetime warranty on materials and fabrication, with a five year electrical warranty. Some exclusions and exceptions apply. Read more.

Can I visit the production facility to see my fixtures being built?

We are committed to excellence. Crenshaw’s CEO, Patrick Daley, would like to extend to you an invitation to tour our facility during the fabrication of your fixtures. You will have access to all of our production processes. Crenshaw fixtures are constructed using the latest technology, by the most skilled artisans, with the greatest care and the strictest quality standards. Schedule an exclusive tour of Crenshaw’s facility during construction of your fixture here.


What is the country of origin for Crenshaw Materials?

Crenshaw manufactures and sources components and materials locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to fulfill its clients’ design and budgetary requests. Crenshaw sources raw materials and components from around the world that are either not available in the United States or are impractical because of cost, quality, or availability. If country of origin is a driver in your decision making, please contact us prior to ordering to discuss.


Are Crenshaw lights patented?

Crenshaw patents are listed here. For further questions about Crenshaw intellectual property, please contact us