Historical Restoration and Replication

Crenshaw has earned respect over decades for our historic work, which calls for great skill, complexity, and execution on a monumental scale. This competence has led world-class designers to select Crenshaw time and again for their pertinent lighting projects, as both a design partner and as a fabricator. Please see our Portfolio for examples of our work. 


Historical Restoration of Lighting focuses on revitalizing heirloom luminaires, with the goal of preserving a historically accurate luminaire that meets modern standards.


Historical Replication of Lighting focuses on recreating missing or damaged luminaires to match originals in material and methodology so that originals and replications are indistinguishable.

To start a dialogue with us about a potential project, whether that be joining a design team as a Historical Lighting Consultant to help create a well-informed specification or bidding on your historic project as a Historic Lighting Manufacturer, please feel free to reach out.