Custom Lighting

Crenshaw has designed, engineered, tested, and fabricated thousands of custom lights going back to 1957. In a typical year Crenshaw creates hundreds of different designs in various quantities. By definition, each project is different.  One of our greatest joys as a company is problem solving. Its always exciting to see when those efforts forge new ground in decorative lighting. Our people thrive on the challenge, and look forward to working with the unique, the extraordinary, the daunting, and always the beautiful in custom lighting.

Crenshaw works in nearly every medium, from bronze and brass to aluminum and steel, acrylic and glass, fabric and crystal, and wood and resin. Our craftsmen, known especially for their metalwork in brass and bronze, are widely acknowledged as among the best in the industry. See our team at work in by following us on Instagram. 

If you know what you'd like, or you enjoy to process of discovering what you'd like with the help of experts, reach out. All we need to get started is an idea. 

From Great

Crenshaw’s capacity for engineering difficult and complex projects on a very large scale has resulted in the award of large, high-prestige projects like the Schermerhorn Symphony Center15 Central Park West, the Minnesota State Capitol, and many more over the years. Browse our Portfolio for a selection of our work.

To Small

Crenshaw does equal justice to small unique projects. A pair of custom brass lantern sconces for flanking a doorway is not too small a project for a private client. Clients bring us projects like this because they trust our quality, value our craftsmanship, and want lighting they can’t find in any standard product line or store.

For more examples of our custom work please see our Portfolio.