First Presbyterian of Myrtle Beach

We collaborated with design architect Mozingo+Wallace and architect of record  Boudreaux to create custom sconces and pendants for this project, in particular the six solid-state LED Colonial Candelabra Pendants. To capture the appearance of a traditional colonial candelabra fixture, our designers developed an alternative “bulb,” which was housed over a diode. We fabricated several iterations of the bulb prototypes before selecting the finished frosted acrylic bulb which achieved the right aesthetic. This was ultimately a unique solution to something not readily available in the market that met performance and aesthetic specifications.

The end result was an incredibly efficient application with each LED candelabra head delivering 700 lumens at 4.4 watts and rated to last 70,000 hours. These specs were achieved all while maintaining the classic appearance of a colonial candelabra fixture. In comparison, a standard 60 watt candelabra bulb would be required to produce that amount of light.